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Mug of the Month Subscription

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Use code MUG for free shipping on your subscription.

*If you order today, your first monthly mug will be the February mug*

*Note, when you order, there may be a statement that says your recurring total is higher than your initial order. This does NOT reflect the free shipping. Shipping charges will come off all recurring orders when the above promo code is used*

What exactly is the Mug of the Month subscription?
Our Mug of the Month club is a monthly subscription service. Each month, you will receive a unique mug (or something similar) that is exclusive to our members!

How does the subscription work? What's an Intro Mug?
As soon as you decide to sign up for our subscription, you get to select the color of a coffee or tea mug that is your "intro mug". This will hold you over until your subscription begins at the beginning of the next month.

Just pick the color (warm, cool, pink purple) and theme (coffee or tea) and that mug will be shipped to you immediately. Then, on the 1st of each following month, you will get re-charged and your subscription will officially begin. We will aim to ship the monthly mug during the first week of each month.

How do I sign up? (woohoo welcome!)

Well, you're in the right place!

-Pick an intro mug and checkout. This mug will ship ASAP. 

-Get excited for the first week of the following month for your first subscription mug to ship!

-Tell your friends and family so they can join in the fun!

How does billing work?

Upon joining the mug subscription, your credit/debit card will immediately be charged $25 + tax for your intro mug, and that includes FREE SHIPPING with coupon code "MUG". You will get re-charged the same amount on the 1st of each following month. (Please note: it may tell you that you'll be charged more in the following months. That is a glitch, and you won't be charged more than you paid for your first intro mug).

Can I edit my subscription info or cancel?

Of course! If at ANY point you're ready to cancel or put your subscription on hold, each month you’ll have the option to skip, pause or cancel your subscription. On the 15th of every month, we will share our a photo on instagram @sweetminthandmade showing the next month’s mug. We just ask that all "skips" or cancellations be made prior to the 20th of each month so we can update our info accordingly and not delay shipping your mug! To skip, pause or cancel your subscription, login to your Sweet Mint account on our website, and it'll pull up your subscription plan for you to edit. (There is an in-depth description of this in our Instagram story highlights).

What kind of mug will I get?

Each monthly mug will be different. They will vary in colors and sizes making your coffee/tea/hot cocoa experience more fun than ever! The Mug of the Month may be one of our standard white ceramic mugs or some kind of specialty/campfire mug... get ready for some fun! No matter what, the designs will be exclusive to our subscription members! 

Can I purchase one of the Mug of the Month mugs without enrolling in the subscription service?
Occasionally, we will offer limited quantities of some of the mugs for the public (usually if we made too many or if there are slight imperfections), but we like to keep our exclusive designs and styles for our subscribers!

Still have questions?
Email us at and we're happy to help!

Returns Policy

If you have an issue with your order, please contact us at and I'd be happy to make it right!